What I Use

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My Laptop

My laptop for virtually EVERYTHING is Lenovo Legion R7000.

  • CPU: AMD R5-4600H
  • GPU: GTX1650Ti 4GB
  • RAM: 16GB
  • OS: Windows 10

I definitely do NOT recommend using Windows for development though.
I am looking to make the switch to a UNIX based OS.


In short words, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND using Vim. It has made development more FUN and efficient for me.

  • Everything A simple yet powerful tool to look up files on Windows.

  • Obsidian A very nice markdown editor. I use it for daily journaling and note taking.

  • Wox An application launcher. I use it as a Windows alternative to the MacOS app Alfred. It can also run commands as a command prompt. This is exceptionally handy as it remembers command history.

I also use other softwares of course, but I do not reckon they are worth mentioning.