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My GOALS for 2023

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    Shumeng Liu


  • Get a job

  • Have a girlfriend

  • Read 23 books
    Last year I set the goal of 22 books but ended up finishing only 6. I will try really hard this year. May my Kindle be with me.

  • Learn to ride a bicycle
    That's right, I don't know how to write a bike yet.

  • Complete a 10K run
    I want to run a marathon in the future, so let's start with a 10K.

  • Have abs
    Pretty sure my future girlfriend will appreciate this.

  • Reach 1600 on Rapid or Blitz
    Currently 1400 Rapid and 1100 Blitz.

  • Reach 1800 on Codeforces
    Currently 1400.

  • Have a WCA 3x3 blindfold average
    I would like to be able to perform a blindfold solve on demand. It's always embarassing for me to say I don't know how to do a blind solve considering my efforts into cubing.

  • Travel to a new country
    Probably an European country.

  • Learn a language to B2 level
    The easiest for me would be Japanese. However, it could also be French, Korean, Spanish, or any other language. Definitely not German though.

  • Upload a video to Youtube or Bilibili
    The video should be properly edited, which ought to take a lot of efforts. That's why this one is loose on quantity.

  • Have more than 200 days on GitHub timeline
    In the process of looking through 200 technical blogs, whenever I see another person with a greenish GitHub timeline, my mind goes "that's damn impressive!"
    I want my timeline to be green too.

  • Write 10 technical blogs

    The best way to learn something is to teach it.

    This is the inspiration behind documenting my tech learning experience.

  • Build 2 more branches on my website
    They can be food, reading, gaming, sports, art or whatever I find interesting in 2023.

  • Get 3 more AWS Certificates
    I got my first AWS certificate in 2022, the three I want to get in 2023 are:

    • AWS Certified Developer - Associate
    • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate
    • and AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional.

    This might sound crazy but I enjoy taking certification exams.