Why Shuyun?

Shuyun, 书云 in Chinese, literally translates to book cloud, it keeps the "book" part of my real name, signaling my love for reading.

There was a time that I wanted a pitiful amout of anonymity on the internet. So I used Shuyun rather than Shumeng.

At the moment, I also have an interest in cloud technologies, but this is purely coincidental. This name originates from my friend's mother misremembering my name.

Why the Wallfacer?

It is a reference to the Three Body Problem, which is the single most influential book/series to my life.

The wallfacers' job is to devise a plan to defeat the aliens (known as Trisolarans), despite the Trisolarans have complete information about their every move, except their thoughts.

The most iconic characteristics of the wallfacers to me, are deep-thinking and far-sightedness. And I hope I live up to them.

What do I do

Computer Science

Having, recently graduated from King's College London with first class honours, I am on a mission to become a computer scientist in industrial settings.

I am now looking for a developer job based in London or fully remote. If you want to hire me, you are more than welcome to contact me on LinkedIn.

Programming Languages

Java, Ruby, Python, C++, SQL, Scala, Kotlin, HTML, CSS, JavaScript


AWS, Next.js, React, Spring, Rails, Tailwind, Kanban, Git, Linux


IntelliJ IDEA, VS Code, Android Studio


AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate


See my Projects page.

Personal Tutoring

I did a lot of personal tutoring as a part-time job, because I am passionate about spreading knowledge to people. That is also the objective of this blog.

What I taught

  • Economics and Chemistry at high school level (A-Level equivalent).
    I am probably capable of teaching Mathematics as well, but do not have the experience yet.

  • Computer Science at undergraduate level.
    Modules: OOP, functionaly programming, data structure and database I had students from UCL, Imperial College London, University of Warwick and KCL.

I can offer lessons in English and Mandarin.

Some reviews from my tutoring experience

[My daughter] says you helped her the most out of all the tutors she had"

from a parent of my IB Chemistry student

Learning Java is an unexpectedly exciting experience. I am really glad to have a great teacher that saved my otherwise miserable project.

from a Computer Science student at the University of Warwick


International Baccalaureate
(AKA IB, let's be real, no one knows how to spell BACCALAUREATE by heart)
Higher Level Subjects: Economics (7), Mathematics (7), Chemistry (6)
Overall Grade: 40/45 bilingual diploma

BSc Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) from King's College London
Classification: First Class Honours


  • Reading
  • Competive Programming
  • Chess
  • Rubik's Cube - my official PB is 11.32 seconds WCA profile
  • Badminton
  • Video Games

For a more detailed list of what I am doing, check the Now page.

My avatar

It is definitely not my best picture, but it is my favourtie one because it is a tribute to the semi-retirement pose of my favourite Esport player Ame.

Which itself is a tribute to his career guide and close friend Inflame.

I wish to perform to my best and spread positive vibes as he did in his career.